Rhythm of Jazz

Among the different types of music, which include huge strata of the so-called classical and light music, only jazz has this single phenomenon - improvisation, a free expression of musical thoughts. Jazz is a special type of music, whose fans cannot be confused with anyone. The fundamental role of the rhythm, melodic accents, creating a sense of wavy movement, an improvised beginning ... Bahruz Kengerli’s paintings are a feast of colors, the emotional state of the impromptu, which is not always logical, but captures the feeling of beautiful. This feeling is born from the brightness of the color amplitude of his works. Jazz improvisations of the artist are full of emotional uplift and flight of color relationships, which seem to be ready to break away from the boundaries indicated by the canvas. The works of the young and talented Azerbaijani artist are multidimensional and spectacular. Therefore, having become acquainted with his unusual style, you simply will not resist the sudden swirl of surging emotions and will get lost in the depths of the overwhelmed feelings. To feel and, perhaps, to swiftly fall in love with jazz you can visit the solo exhibition of Bahruz Kengerli called "Rhythm of Jazz", which will take place in the center of the Old City, in "Qiz Qalasi" art gallery from October 20 to October 28, 2017.