"RADIX: Radical Research of Roots in Berlin and Baku"

Both the growth and survival of trees and plants on the earth are owing to the major role of their root architecture. Likewise, it is very important for us as humans to feel and be aware of our own roots, which not only gives us a sense of security but also fills our lives with sense. The exhibition titled “RADIX: Radical Research of Roots in Berlin and Baku” opened on June 1, 2023, in Berlin, at the QGallery Berlin. Supervised by Emin Mammadov, the exhibition offers an unparalleled look at the concept of root architecture in an ever-changing climate and technological era forming our sense of rootedness and connotation to belonging. “Love for life and enthusiasm” – depicts the talented young artist Elnara Nasirli, who befits a hurricane - not the one that destroys, but rather, creates, like a Phoenix bird that has flown into the sky of modern art. A holder of numerous art certificates and specialized as an environmental engineer, Elnara is inspired by breakthrough biotechnology and mixed media in her art projects. Stemming from her roots, Elnara creates her own biomorphic worlds. Among Elnara’s presented works at the exhibition titled "RADIKS: Radical Research of Roots in Berlin and Baku" are relief-like sculptural objects of the New World series - in their own way reflecting the transformation to a new beginning. The range of her arts envelope with its infinity in the magical canvas called Yanardag (a burning mountain in Azerbaijani); tree root with its dry branches striving upward installations called Splitting of the spirit. Her arts also involve neural networks of the human brain in the process of gaining new experience and acquiring new knowledge that is reflected in the magical Merging, and the works belonging to the Homeostasis series where the latter reflects the ability to live organisms to maintain dynamic constancy, literally filling the space of the gallery. Photographs by meticulously restrained Berlin-based artist Elfi Greb show just how deep the need for rooting can be. Elfi's work focuses on landscape photography and her ambivalence between places shaped by human influence and untouched nature. Her photographs speak of past times and the people who settled in Iceland's wild landscapes. The uncomfortable mist in Elfi's work, caused by hot springs, at the same time, has a mysterious charm as an artistic leitmotif. By juxtaposing architecture and landscape, Elfi Greb demonstrates a deep understanding of the relationship between people and nature. At the same time, Greb's work explores how we as humans find ourselves in our environment and what role the landscape plays in shaping our identity. Being the epicentre of rebellious youth, Berlin boasts free creativity and life outside the laws of capitalism. The most fashionable party, electronic music, performances, galleries, and street art are concentrated in the city. Even though the districts differ, one thing remains the same - ART. The numbers speak for themselves: Berlin has three opera houses, more than 150 theatres and stages, more than 175 museums and collections, approximately 300 galleries, more than 250 public libraries, 130 cinemas and many other cultural institutions. In light of the previously mentioned, the opening of the exhibition at the QGallery Berlin at Großgörschenstraße 7 7 occupied a certain niche in the series of numerous cultural events in the German capital. Among the guests were art lovers from Azerbaijan and Germany, media representatives, internationally recognized curators and advisers on culture and art, professors and associate professors of the Berlin Academy of Arts, friends, relatives and friends of artists, officials representing the Azerbaijani Embassy in Germany, the Azerbaijani diaspora and etc. At the opening of "RADIKS: Radical Roots Research in Berlin and Baku" among the welcoming speeches, Ms Inge Schmidt, a German artist, and professor at the Berlin Art Academy, should be mentioned; Mr. Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Germany Nasimi Agayev; Mr. Stefan Stoyanov, renowned curator and arts advisor. RADIX: Radical Research of Roots in Berlin and Baku will run until July 1, 2023.