Creative Intuition. Rafail Aliyev and His Seasons.

The ultimate purpose of art is to encourage people to do what they need and understand what they know. Maurice Blondel QGallery ("Giz Galasy") art gallery invites the residents and guests of the city to visit the exhibition titled Creative Intuition. Rafail Aliyev and His Seasons. True perfection leans toward simplicity, being the pinnacle of progress. R. Aliyev is an artist endowed with perfect and bright harmony, synthesising life's spiritual and material aspects. The beauty of a clear and precise line, so evident in the artist's drawings, is the essence of the aesthetics intrinsic to Rafail himself. The art of R. Aliyev combines the confident mastership, a perfect balance of concise compositions and a perfect sense of harmony with the gentle charm, quiet lyricism, and disarming meekness of the images. The fairness of lines and the roundness of shapes in his paintings complete the sense of peace, serenity, and integrity. You can see the influence of genius Modigliani in Rafail's expressive sensuality and emotional intensity of the female portraits. The purity and refinement of style, the symbolism and humanism, a pagan sense of abundance and irrepressible joy of life and an emotional experience of the torments of a forever uneasy conscience are combined in these magnificent female portraits. Rafail skillfully balances on the verge of plausibility and conventionality. He puts aside everything excessive and odd, leaving the very essence. The perfect simplicity, passionless sensuality, timelessness and ultimate harmony are illustrative of his works. The viewer should not only watch but contemplate, not only think but feel. All people have different mindsets and emotions, absorbed by amenities of glorious nature. Magnificent seasons paint the surrounding nature with bright colours and warm sentiments. Creative Intuition. Rafail Aliyev and His Seasons – an exhibition to be remembered by everyone. It will be open to the public from December 5 to 19, 2022.