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Melik Aghamalov


Honorary Artist of Azerbaijan Born in 1962 in Baku, Azerbaijan Works by the painter Melik Aghamalov, one of the most famous authors of contemporary art of Azerbaijan are exhibited in museums and kept in collections in Azerbaijan, France, Germany, UK, Russia and the UAE. His creativity is inherent in a sharp and characteristic feature. Non-ornamental painting is rarely peculiar to a distinct rhy

Melik Aghamalov is considered one of the main figures of "an intellectual branch" of the modern Azerbaijani art.

thm. Yet it is found in Aghamalov’s paintings. This artist loves fragmentariness, but these cell-fragments on his paintings are arranged in a strictly regimented order. The Still Life series most vividly characterizes the creative proclivity of this artist. The characteristic effect of ‘ruined paintings’ – as if their stains were a result of layers of time’s fingering – was borrowed by the artist from his impression of Venice. He was so much impressed by the city on the water that developed the new artistic touch. His love for antiquities is also seen in the friezes Melik Aghamalov frame his still life series. Because of this, these works evoke an association with temple murals and book graphics. Melik Aghamalov – conceptualist, operating a wide store of artistic techniques. He provokes, intrigues, surprises, masterfully playing with the main idea of the work using the three-dimensional shapes, changing the texture material, sometimes resorting to graphical image of Latin words, but never passing the fragile taste bounds. But, the most important is that behind this refined intelligent game the artist deals aesthetically carefully, he does not forget about the essentials in art - about the world of the human soul. While playing his games with canvas, shape, color, symbols and word, he builds and assemble by elements the model of his own world vision, conveying to the viewer the movement of his soul. In 1982 Melik Aghamalov has graduated from A. Azimzadeh Baku State Art College. In 1990 he has graduated from Surikov Moscow State Aca¬demic Art Institute. Since 1997 Aghamalov is the member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan. EXHIBITIONS 2012 - “Fly to Baku. Contemporary art from Azerbaijan”, Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, Paris, France; Phillips de Pury & Company, London, UK; 2010 - Spring Philosophy, Museum Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan; 2009 - Black and White, Baku Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan; 2004 - Personal exhibition, State Museum of Bergkamen, Stadtische Galerie “Sohle 1”, Bergkamen, Germany; 2000 - Personal exhibition, Humay Gallery, London, UK; Personal exhibition, Baku Art Center, Azerbaijan; 1999 - Exhibition of Azerbaijan Artists, Humay Gallery, London, UK; 1991 - Personal exhibition, Le Bash Gallery, Paris, France; Personal exhibition, Baku Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan; The days of culture of Azerbaijan, Center of Sheyh Zahid, headquarter of OPEG, Abu-Dhabi, UAE; 1990 - The days of culture of Azerbaijan, City hall, Carpentras, France; 1989 - Joint Exhibition of young artists, Baku Art Center, Azerbaijan; 1988 - Exhibition of young artists, The Manege Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia; 1988 - Exhibition of young artists, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia; 1987 - Youth Exhibition, Krimsky Val, Moscow, Russia;

Melik Aghamalov's Paintings

Melik Agamalov's all works provoke, intrigue, surprise with masterly game, the main idea of work through use of volume forms, change of the invoice of a material, sometimes with use of graphics of Latin words. Thus its works never pass fragile sides of taste.