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Ahad Mammadov


Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1986 2002-2006 - Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts, bachelor. 2004 – exhibition dedicated to the “Delphic games”, Chisinau, Moldova. 2007 – exhibition “Day of Youth”, Union of Artists of Azerbaijan. 2008 – competition “The world of Dede Gorgud”, Baku, Azerbaijan. 2010 – group exhibition, Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, Baku, Az

Ahad, despite having the skills of working with classical sculpture, but as a modern artist-with his own understanding and approach.

erbaijan. 2010 - group exhibition “7 areas”, QGallery, Baku, Azerbaijan. 2010 – competition for young sculptors “Məndə sıqar səndə iki jahan”, Baku,Azerbaijan. 2010-2012 – exhibition of young artists,Museum Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan. 2012 – exhibition dedicated to the Unity of Turkic peoples, Erdemli, Turkey. 2013 – “Khojaly”, QGallery Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 2013–2015 – exhibition “Tolerant Azerbaijani Youth”, Baku, Azerbaijan. 2019 – IV International Music in Stone Sculpture Symposium, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Ahad Mammadov 's Artworks

His works are housed in the collections of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, in galleries and private collections in Azerbaijan, Germany, Moldova, Russia, Turkey and other countries.