Our sculptors

Zakir Akhmedov


Born in 1955 in Baku. In 1978 he graduated from the Azim Azimzade State Art College, in 1988 - the sculpture department of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts. Active participant of exhibitions since 1978. In 1989 he was elected a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan and the USSR. In 2005, he was awarded the Humay National Prize. His works can also

Participant of the national and international exhibitions in Russia, Germany, France, England, Poland, Finland, Singapore, the USA, Turkey and other countries.

be found in different parts of Baku. These include such works as "Native Azerbaijan" at the Azadlyg Prospekt metro station, "Old Baku" on Nizami Street, "Chaykhanshchik" in Officers Park, "Old Gardener" in the Old City.

Zakir Akhmedov's Artworks

Akhmedov's works are stored in private collections in our country, as well as in Turkey, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain and other countries.