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Elvin Nabizade


Born in 1986 in Bolinisi, Georgia. Graduated from the faculty of Sculpture in the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts in 2012, Bachelor’s Degree, Baku, Azerbaijan. Most of his works are sculptures and installations. In his works, he focuses on self-identification and national culture. 2020 – “THE SUN CİRCLE OF KURA”, Mexico ZonaMaCodiseno ARTLexing, Mexico. 2019 – “THE SUN CİRCLE OF KURA”, S

Elvin’s work gained international prominence when he was selected to create the artworks for the Azerbaijani Pavilion at the 57th International Art Biennale (2017) in Venice, Italy, one of the most prestigious art exhibitions in the world.

copeArtShow ArtBazel Miami Beach, USA 2019 – “CHANCE” installation, Viennese Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria 2019 - “Sphere”installation, Cultural Center of the Azerbaijan Embassy in France, Paris 2019 - “Sphere”installation ZONA MACO (Mexico), ARTLexing Booth ZMD17, Mexico 2018 - “Sphere”installation Art Basel Miami, SCOPEARTSHOW, USA 2018 - “Carbon» installation, Nasimi Festival of Poetry, Arts, Spirituality, Baku, Azerbaijan 2017- “A Crossroad of Eastern and Western Architecture”, Seoul, South Korea 2017- “Under One Sun, The Art Of Living Together”, Azerbaijan pavilion, Venice Biennale, “Under One Sun” & “Sphere” installations, Venice, Italy 2016 - “Comfortably numb” Group Exhibition - ARTIM Project Space, Baku, Azerbaijan 2016 - “Futurism Ora” art exhibition with one sculpture, Baku, Azerbaijan 2016 - “Sirga olsun” conceptual art exhibition with one installation, Baku, Azerbaijan 2015 - “From Waste to Art“ IV International Exhibition, two sculptures, Baku, Azerbaijan 2015 - Baku 1st European Olympic games, “Together we are” mobile exhibition, one sculpture, Azerbaijan, Italy, Germany, France etc. 2014 - “KUKNAR” international art exhibition with kinetic sculpture, Baku, Azerbaijan 2014 - “Invasion” contemporary art exhibition, “Self-denial” sculpture, Baku, Azerbaijan 2014 - “ORIGIN” contemporary art exhibition with two installations and a video art in collaboration with Habib Saher, Baku, Azerbaijan 2014 - International Art Exhibition “Semeni”, sculpture “Shekerbura”, Baku, Azerbaijan 2013 - exhibition “Zavod” with the installation “CHANCE”, Baku, Azerbaijan 2012 - exhibition “Cultural inheritance of the past to the present” organized by the ministry of Culture and Tourism and Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts, Baku, Azerbaijan 2012 - contest organized by the Ministry of Sport, statue “Balance”, Baku, Azerbaijan 2010 - exhibition “America in my dreams” organized by US embassy. 2009 - exhibition organized by Turkish embassy, “Two Governments One Nation”, Baku, Azerbaijan

Elvin Nabizade's Artworks

Elegant and powerful in their composition, Elvin’s installations present objects in a contemplative way to highlight the beauty of their relationships to one another and the stories that they tell together.