Visa for Birds

The exhibition Visa for Birds features graphic and sculptural objects by the unique Azerbaijani artist Eliar Alimirzoyev. Intrinsic to his work is his surprising ability to immerse the viewer into a world of illusory, surrealist, dreamlike images in which fantastic beings, released from worldly concerns, freely soar in space, occupying an unusual environment that is both attractive and frightening at the same time. His characters — whether people, semi-people, or phantoms of those who once lived on earth — live now in another spiritual and physical state. Eliar reincarnates his figures into fantastic flying objects, self-operated cars capable of time travel. These ephemeral creatures freely float above the ordinary world in which strange stereotypes are of exaggerated importance. But can they stop the flight of the soul? And do they help overcome boundaries? A peculiar elegance and aestheticism in the works by Eliar are tied to a delicate and sometimes painful self-irony. The artist provokes the viewer to turn away from the usual stereotypes and soar above the ordinary, while taking a different look at the world.