The exhibition presents oil paintings that use silent, even intimate techniques. Leyla Azimbeyova respects form and traditions, inspires dialogue, and represents the medium of modern art. Her works are conceptually complete. An acute sense of the flow of time permeates Gunay Beylarova’s genre paintings, portraits and characterizations, and brightly depicted nature scenes. The multi-figured pictures of Roya Hasanova are quite complex: Narrative combines with allegory, and fantastic images with grounded ones. Painting with oil is a means to maintain a balance of thought that that helps “to hold onto the ground” and preserve immediacy and the relevance of one’s perception of the world. The works of Nigar Familsoy, which appear outwardly unsophisticated and natural, disclose significant moments of life. The creative journey of these artists, who have already shown their work in numerous exhibitions and festivals, is just beginning, and this exhibition is a kind of comma, a milestone, on their artistic paths.