Dancing Jazz

QGallery was pleased to present Dancing Jazz, a solo exhibition by Ramina Saadatkhan featuring 13 large-scale abstract paintings, which will transform the gallery into a mise-en-scene of the jazz jam session. The exhibition run within the XVII Baku International Jazz Festival, 2022. In her paintings, Ramina Saadatkhan captures an immediate, uninhibited, and, it seems, unleashed power. Ramina has a deep sense of the nature of jazz and bases her compositions on contrasting combinations of volumes, different surfaces and colours. She composes colours, splashes and lines like melodies, rhythms and structures in jazz music. Her “flaring, splashing and raging” compositions are directly exchanged with jazz music's boundless, energetic quality. Her abstract paintings are characterized by a spontaneous, gestural colour flow that resembles a visualized symphony. It is a world of dancing colours, with visible music and colours that have sounds. The exhibition is titled Dancing Jazz for a reason - all of the displayed paintings come alive to the sound of enchanting jazz. Dancing Jazz is an exhibition of the artist’s love affair with music, an exhibition which is a celebration of music and art in its purest sense. In each painting, Ramina weaves contemporary interests, curiosities and aspirations that transcend the artist’s personal affinities to create layered narratives. Welcome to Ramina Saadatkhan’s world, where she puts her sensuous experience of listening to music and her interpretations onto the canvas. Each painting reflects the imaginations, emotions and memories triggered by music. Dancing Jazz exhibition run from September 17 through September 25, 2022.