"The Magic of Light"

The opening of the first personal exhibition of Farah Hajizade entitled "The Magic of Light" took place on July 7, in "QGallery" ("Giz Galasy"), located in the very heart of Baku-Icherisheher. The exhibition included the author's 25 works in different genres over several years. Most of the paintings presented on the opening day were created by Farah Hajizade this year (2023). "The range of emotions evoked by Farah Hajizade's paintings is as wide as possible; everything depends on the depicted plot, manner of depiction, dynamics, colours, etc. The artist reveals the main thing in her paintings with light. At the same time, the audience can perceive the same picture differently, evoking radically opposite emotions. Everyone, considering the works of F. Hajizade, passes them through the prism of his life experience, hopes, beliefs, and aspirations," the organisers say. In a conversation with journalists, Farah Hajizade noted that it was not by chance that the exhibition was called "The Magic of Light" because light plays a significant role in painting. According to her, it is more correct when a person looking at the work himself/herself looks for his/her own meaning in the picture, reflects, and perceives what he sees in his own way. "I have loved art since childhood, but I started painting professionally four years ago with a teacher named Raida Mustafayeva," says F. Hajizade. Even though the girl decided to connect her fate with jurisprudence, choosing European law, she notes that she will continue to paint. At the opening ceremony, the director of the capital's art gallery "QGallery" Irada Aghamoghlanova, the general and creative director of MIRAS Group Nigar Helmi, the father of the artist Farhad Hajizade spoke about the work of Farah Hajizade, her desire to paint, congratulated the author on her first solo exhibition, wishing her good luck and further creative success. In turn, F. Hajizade greeted the guests, expressed gratitude to the exhibition organisers, and thanked everyone who came and shared her joy on this significant day for her. The guests got acquainted with the exposition, considered the presented works, congratulated F. Hajizade on the personal exhibition, wished her creative success, and took pictures for memory. The event was attended by artists, fine art lovers, media representatives, friends, relatives, and acquaintances of Farah Hajizade.