Kharibulbul International Art Festival in Shusha

Inspired by our victory in the Patriotic War, 32 artists from 13 countries, namely Azerbaijan, Estonia, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Latvia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, and Greece, created unique works at the first International Art Festival 'Kharibulbul'. Anar Yolchiev, Anastasia Tarasenko, Andris Vitolins, Ciprian Hopirtean, Dina Oskilko, Leyla Aliyeva, Nicole Boukreeva, Rahimahanim Hajiyeva, Sare Ertash Kural, Elena Akhverdiyeva, Zohrab Salamzade, and other artists representing these countries expressed what they saw in the areas liberated from Armenian occupation on a Kharibulbul model specially prepared for the festival and presented works that were an important message to the world. In addition, oil on canvas artists created works of art with the theme "Painting as Memory". The main goal of the project was to demonstrate to international audiences, through artists from various countries, the scale of destruction on our territories, which have been under occupation for almost 30 years, and Armenia's aggressive attitude towards our historical monuments, national and cultural heritage, spiritual values, and nature. The works were then performed at the Kharibulbul music festival in Shusha, which has been declared the cultural capital of Azerbaijan by a decree of President Ilham Aliyev.