The Heritage of the Motherland

You may be gone from my sight but you are never gone from my heart… the exhibition is dedicated to the parents' beloved ones who passed away and living now QGallery is pleased to present a selection of artworks and masterpieces by “Miras” luxury jewelry brand within The Heritage of the Motherland solo exhibition by Nigar Helmi. The artist experiments in various painting genres and her recent series of artworks are dedicated to Karabakh among which are “Govkhar Agha Mosque”, “Ruins of Bulbul house”, “Ruins of Panakh Ali khan Palace” and “Varazgun Temple” that attracted the attention of the numerous art fairs and exhibitions like “Art3f Monaco International Contemporary Art Fair” organized by Association des Artistes Contemporains de Turquie à Paris, and “ART EXPO NEW YORK”. The exhibition spotlights paintings boldly and vividly depicting the heartbroken ruins of Karabakh, vast skies, and changing light with confident, broad brushstrokes through Nigar’s eyes. In the exhibition The Heritage of the Motherland Nigar Helmi draws a straight line between art and the claim for it: she creates a new category of “delicacy”, “time chronicle”, challenge the sensitivity of the senses, and leave exciting thoughts in the viewer’s mind. Nigar Helmi’s brand "Miras" - is the embodiment of the fusion of traditional jewelry crafts and modern trends through the prism of traditions and culture of Azerbaijan. Each piece of "Miras" jewelry carries a certain meaning, its unique philosophy, its unique design that reflects the personality and inner world of its owner.