I International Exhibition "From Waste to Art" 2012

Opening of the international exhibition “From waste to art” was held at the Gala State Historical and Ethnographic Museum with organizational support from the HeydarAliyev Foundation, “Icherisheher” State Historical and Architectural Reserve and “Tamiz Shahar" ("Clean City”) OJSC, June 1. Various pieces of art made of domestic waste were demonstrated at the exhibition. The primary objective of the exhibition was to divert people from wastefulness and make them abstain from habits to throw away used items they possessed before thinking. Nowadays, making pieces of art from wastes is evaluated as “an alternative art”, banal work and challenging the rules. Artists of this sphere create interesting and edifying works using metal, paper, plastic mass, rubber products and other domestic wastes. Handicrafts of artists from Azerbaijan, Germany, USA, Estonia, Romania, Georgia, Lithuania, Belarus and other countries demonstrated at the exhibition their handicrafts made from paper, useless mechanisms and items used in household, tire-cover, car windscreens, glass dishes, metal and other waste materials.