Our Artists

Narmin Azimzade


Born in Azerbaijan. She lives in Baku and engages in creativity. She started painting since she was 10 and this led her to the Children and Youth Creativity Center, where she participated in the numerous exhibitions for many years. In 2014 she entered the Art Academy. After graduating in 2018 she got the master’s degree of painting at the university of Kocaeli in 2018 and lived there for 2 years

“Young Azerbaijani artist is distinguished and known for her an unique style”

. 2014-fine arts and painting teacher of healthy life MMC 2015-master classes organized by German artist Inge H. Schmidt by ASAFA 2015-charity exhibition of young artists, diploma 2016- Georgia art courses at the Academy of Fine Arts, Member of the Youth Department of Artists of the Republic of Azerbaijan, exhibition “Germany through the eyes of an artist”,1st place - visit to Germany with the support of QGallery Berlin. Azerbaijan 2015- group exhibition in the master classes of German artist Inge Schmidt, organized by ASAFA, “Buddy Bear”, Baku Azerbaijan 2016-“Futurism Ora” exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan 2017- I International Festival “Wind Dance” organized by H.Aliyev Foundation. Baku, Azerbaijan-Festival “Egg-Novruz” Baku, Azerbaijan “February 2 Youth Day” exhibition Easy Service diploma by Mr. Javid Gurbanov for the active participation in the cultural and public life of our country within the framework of the “Justice for Khojaly” campaign ”Voice of Karabakh Action exhibition of young artists. Diploma of Azerbaijan Baku, Exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan, Istanbul University, Gratitude diploma 2018 Turkey Istanbul Kocaeli Culture House

Narmin Azimzade's Paintings

Her paintings seem to come to life right in front of your eyes