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Sayali Mammadova-Garayeva


B. 07.06.1995 Baku, Azerbaijan. Lives and works in Baku, Azerbaijan. Since early childhood, she was fond of creativity, but she started her way with entering the Azim Azimzade art school. After graduating from college, enters the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts at the faculty of painting. Participant of international exhibitions, both in her country as well as abroad.

Sayali Mammadova-Garayeva is a young Azerbaijani artist. Engaged in painting, graphics, as well as arts and crafts.

Her works are housed in private collections in Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Peru, USA and France. Education 2001-2010 – secondary school #46 2010-2014 – Azim Azimzadeh Art College 2014-2018 – Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts 2019-2020 – Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts (Master’s Degree) 2015 - Master classes by German artist Inge H. Schmidt, organized by ASAFA 2016 - Art courses at the Georgian Academy of Fine Arts Member of the Youth Section, Union of Artists of the Republic of Azerbaijan Activities & exhibitions 2013 - exhibition of the students of Azim Azimzadeh Art College, Baku, Azerbaijan 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018 - exhibitions dedicated to 2nd February - The Youth Day, Baku, Azerbaijan 2015, 2016 - exhibition “Germany through the artist's eyes”, Baku, Azerbaijan 2015 - exhibition “America through the artist's eyes”, Baku, Azerbaijan 2015 - the event dedicated to the Independent day of USA, proceeding the exhibition “America through the artist's eyes”, Baku, Azerbaijan 2015 - “1st European Games” exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan 2015 -"International Mother Language Day" exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan 2015 - group exhibition upon master classes by German artist Inge H. Schmidt, organized by ASAFA, Baku, Azerbaijan 2016 -"Buddy Bear", Baku, Azerbaijan 2016 - "Futurismo Ora" exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan 2015, 2016 - "Tolerance“exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan 2016 - “World Art games” festival and exhibition, Montenegro 2016-2017 - exhibitions and events organized by Arts Council Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan 2017 - “Unity“ exhibition organized by Turkish Embassy, Baku, Azerbaijan 2017 - “Art Rising” exhibition, State National Art Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan 2017 - “Dance of the wind” I International Festival organized by H.Aliyev Foundation, Baku, Azerbaijan 2018 - “Novruz eggs” festival, Baku, Azerbaijan 2018 - “International Youth Day” at the Baku Congress Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan 2018 - I International Nasimi Festival, IX International Festival “Maiden Tower”, Baku, Azerbaijan 2018 - “A la Caspienne!”, Galerie Beaute Du Matin Calme, Paris, France 2019 -“2 February The Youth Day", Baku, Azerbaijan 2019 - “Baku Breeze” exhibition of contemporary Azerbaijani art, UAE/Azerbaijan House, Dubai, UAE 2019 - “Carrousel du Louvre” art shopping, Louvre museum, Paris, France 2019 - “VII International From Waste to Art festival”, Baku, Azerbaijan 2019 - II International Nasimi festival, Baku, Azerbaijan 2020 - Art charity project organized by Icheri Sheher State Historical-Architectural Reserve, Baku, Azerbaijan Art classes 2016 December – master-classes to children at the National Cancer Center organized by H. Aliyev Foundation 2017 June – master-classes to children at the Yarat Contemporary Art Space 2017 January-July / 2018 May-November – art classes to children and to teenagers at the Art School created by Arts Council Azerbaijan 2017 April 4 / 2018 June 14 – Art School Children’s Exhibition at the Art Tower in Old Town organized by Arts Council Azerbaijan 2017 December / 2018 January – art lessons at the Art LAB school 2018 May - master class in project “Night in museum” at the Yarat Contemporary Art Space 2018 October- December – art classes to children from boarding-schools at the Home Museum of M. Ibrahimbeyov. Since 2017 January – art classes to children, teenagers and adults at the own art studio.

Sayali Mammadova-Garayeva's Paintings

Following the rules of academic direction at the same time making experiments in painting and trying to find her own style.