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Samira Allahverdiyeva


1990 - was born in the city of Astrakhan 2007-2011 - Azerbaijan Art Academy, Faculty of Painting (Bachelor) 2012-2014 - Azerbaijan Art Academy, Faculty of Graphics (Master) Member of the youth section of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan 2008 - exhibition "Germany through the eyes of the Azerbaijani artist," Embassy of Germany, Baku, Azerbaijan

Her paintings emit the light of her soul, sincerity. Viewers find something in them for themselves: their world, new ideas, inspiration, open some horizons.

2008 - "One Nation - Two States" exhibition of Azerbaijani and Turkish artists (certificate of honor) Embassy of Turkey, Baku, Azerbaijan 2009 - America Through My Eyes, US Embassy, Baku, Azerbaijan 2009 - Exhibition of Azerbaijani and Turkish artists, Istanbul, Turkey, Maritime Museum 2009 - Exhibition of artists organized by the magazine "Azərbaycan qadını" QGallery, Baku, Azerbaijan 2009 - "Spring 2009" creative competition among artists of Turkish-speaking countries (1st place) 2010 - 1st International Gabala Exhibition, Gabala, Azerbaijan 2010 - Fencing Exhibition, Fencing Federation, Baku, Azerbaijan 2010 - Exhibition "Novruz - 2010," Baku, Azerbaijan 2011 - Art Symposium, Tbilisi, Georgia 2011 - International Exhibition of Azerbaijani and Turkish Artists, Istanbul, Turkey 2012 - exhibition "Venice Miracle," Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan 2013 - exhibition-contest "Baku Light" (3rd place), ADRA, Baku, Azerbaijan 2013 - exhibition-contest "Heydar Aliyev - Architect of Independent Azerbaijan" (3rd place), Baku, Azerbaijan 2017- exhibition "Artist's Autumn" gallery "Aeta Şəhər," Baku, Azerbaijan 2018 - exhibition "Voice of Karabakh," Union of Artists, Baku, Azerbaijan 2019 - exhibition "With Hope of Karabakh" International Mugham Center, Baku, Azerbaijan 2019 - Republican exhibition-sale of Azerbaijani artists. Crystal Hall, Baku, Azerbaijan

Samira Allahverdiyeva's Paintings

The works of Samira Allahverdieva are distinguished by juicy and lively colors