Taleh Mirkazimov

Works by Taleh Mirkazimov are housed in different private collections in Turkey, Cyprus, USA, Germany, France, Egypt and other countries.

Taleh Mirkazimov was born on July 20, 1984 in Fizuli, Azerbaijan. During 1993-2003 he studied at Azimzade Art School. In 2005 Taleh Mirkazimov graduated from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Art, Faculty of Painting and in 2009 he got the corresponding Diploma of Honors. Taleh Mirkazimov is the stage painter at J. Jabbarli Azerbaijan State Theatre Museum. Since 2009 the artist is the member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Group exhibitions

2003 – “Drug addiction is a scourge of our century” 1st place, Baku, Azerbaijan

2008 – “Anniversary of 60 years of Israel’s independence” contest, 2nd place, Baku, Azerbaijan

2008 – “Germany through the eyes of young artists”, 1st place, Baku, Azerbaijan

2009 – “Fencing through the eyes of young artists”, 3rd place, Baku, Azerbaijan

2009 – “America through the eyes of young artists, 3rd place, Baku, Azerbaijan

2012 – “Winter time” exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan

2013 – “Germany through the eyes of one artist”, 2nd place, Baku, Azerbaijan

2013 – “I am proud that I am Azerbaijanian”, Baku, Azerbaijan