Rashad Jabbarov

His works are housed in private collections in different foreign countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Austria, Germany, the UK, Japan, the USA, Singapore, Russia, Belarus, France, the UAE and in many others.

Rashad Jabbarov was born in 1977 in Baku, Azerbaijan. During 1993-1997 he studied at Azimzade Art School. Within 1997-2001 Rashad Jabbarov studied at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts and graduated it with Bachelor Degree (2003). In 2004 the artist was awarded the ‘The most active public figure’ title.

Since 1998 Rashad actively participates at the different local and international art events.

Group Exhibitions

1998-2003 – ‘Day of the Youths’, Baku, Azerbaijan

1998-2003 – ‘Novruz Bayram’, Baku, Azerbaijan

2003 – ‘Independence Day’, Baku, Azerbaijan

2001 – ‘World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day’, Baku, Azerbaijan

2001 – exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the State Independence, Baku, Azerbaijan

2002 – Azerbaijani Culture Days in EC, France

2002 – Azerbaijani Culture Days in Austria, Vienna, Austria

2003 – Azerbaijani Culture Days in Moscow, Moscow, Russia

2004 – Azerbaijani Culture Days in Abu-Dhabi, UAE

2004 – exhibition of Azerbaijani artists in Austria, Vienna, Austria

2003 – exhibition of the artists from the Caucasian Republics, Tbilisi, Georgia

2005 – Azerbaijani Culture Days in Samara, Samara, Russia

2005 – ‘Venice through the eyes of Azerbaijani artists’, Baku, Azerbaijan

2006 – 2007 – ‘Day of the Youths’, Baku, Azerbaijan

2006 – exhibition of Azerbaijani artists, Baku, Azerbaijan

2007 – ‘Spring Exhibition’, Baku, Azerbaijan

2007 – exhibition of Azerbaijani artists in Korea, Korea

2007 – ‘The Great Silk Road in Azerbaijan’ exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan

2007 – International Art Exhibition dedicated to 50 years of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Korea,

2007 – ‘Great Silk Road Culture Exhibition’, Istanbul, Turkey

2009 – ‘21 International Art Society’

2012 – Giz Galasi (Maiden Tower) International Art Festival, Baku, Azerbaijan