Museib Amirov

Born in 1963 Baku, Azerbaijan, Lives and works in Baku
Museib Amirov graduated from the Azimzadeh State Art College in Baku in 1979 and from the M.A. Aliyev State University of Art and Culture in Baku in 1987. Since 1996, Amirov has been a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan. In 2007, he was recognized as an Honorary Artist of Azerbaijan. The works of Museib Amirov may be viewed in the following locations: Marmara Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, Russian Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Russia, Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture, Baku, Azerbaijan, Sanat Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan, Odjag Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan, QGallery, Baku, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan National Fine Art Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan, Museum of Modern Art, Baku, Azerbaijan, as well as in private collections in Azerbaijan, Russia, USA, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, France, Italy, Denmark and Norway.

Solo Exhibitions
2011 ‘Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble’, Gomel, Belorussia
2011 Astley Gallery, Uttersberg, Sweden
2007 Berlin-Baku Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2007 QGallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2003 Space TV, Baku, Azerbaijan
2002 QGallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
1999 V.Samedova Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
1989 Baku Art Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan
Group Exhibitions and Festivals
2012 The International Art Festival, ‘Cow Parade’, Ventspils, Latvia
2011 Exhibition commemorating the Days of Culture of Azerbaijan, Art Center,
Kiev, Ukraine
2011 The 2nd International Art Festival, Maiden Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan
2011 Contemporary Art Exhibition of Azerbaijan Artists, Paris, France
2011 Art Exhibition of Azerbaijan Artists, Seoul, South Korea
2010 The International Art Festival, ‘KA TU CIA DABAR DARAI?’, Uzhupis, Vilnius, Lithuania
2010 The 1st International Art Festival, Maiden Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan
2006 International Art Festival, Aktau, Kazakhstan, Gran-Pri
2005 Art Exhibition ‘Men and Women’, QGallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2004 Art Exhibition ‘Baku-Istanbul’, Premier Agency, Istanbul, Turkey
2004 Art Exhibition ‘Baku-Paris : 20 Artists’, Orangerie de Senat, Paris, France
2004 International Contemporary Art Exposition ‘For Love and Peace’, Istanbul, Turkey
2004 ‘Contemporary Artists from Azerbaijan’, IMF Gallery, Washington DC, USA
2003 International Art Exhibition, Luxembourg
2003 International Art Exhibition, ‘Grands et Jeunes d’aujourd’hui’, Espace Auteuil, Paris, France
2002 Art Exhibition ‘Form-Rhythm-Color’, V.Samedova Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2001 Art Festival, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
2001 Hyatt International Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
2000 ‘Land Art’, Group Exhibitions and Projects, Azerbaijan
2000 ‘ЦДХ-2000’, International Art Salon, Moscow, Russia
1999 International Art Fair ‘Manege’99’, Moscow, Russia
1999 International Landscape Symposium, Pereslavl – Zalessky, Russia
1999 Land Art Exhibition ‘Exile from Paradise’, Baku, Azerbaijan
1998 Labyrinth Group Land Art Symposium, ‘Ecology’, Baku, Azerbaijan
1998 Exhibition in the World Bank, Washington, USA
1997 Exhibition ‘Labyrinth’, Labyrinth Group, Baku, Azerbaijan
1997 First International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia
1990 Group Show, Marmara Gallery, Turkey
1990 Group Show, Ramco Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
1988 Days of Azerbaijan Culture, Moscow, Russia