Maral Rakhmanzade

(1916 – 2008)

Numerous autolithographies and linocuts, etchings and drawings, watercolors and paintings, works of book illustrations and posters of the Great Patriotic War constitute the vast artistic heritage of famous Azerbaijani graphic artist Maral Rahmanzadeh.

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Maral Rahmanzade was born on July 23, 1916 in Mardakan Village, a suburb of Baku.
She was the third child of a large family, in which the ancient traditions of Azerbaijani art were carefully preserved and handed down from one generation to another. Maral Rahman-zade went to school already equipped with some concrete creative skills and, as was to be expected, her favorite subject was drawing. Her first teacher was quite young,and later became a well-known artist and representative of the realistic school of Salam Salamzade.
During her schooldays, Maral was characterized by energy, enthusiasm and an undeniable talent. Her gift was noticed and appreciated – creative works of the young artist were displayed at the school exhibitions.
The choice of a future profession was predetermined. After completing sevenyears of schooling, in 1930, Maral Rahmanzade entered the only existing Art School in Azerbaijan at that time, the founder and spiritual core of which was a famous caricaturist named Azim Azimzadeh. After three years of study, Maral was selected by leading teachers of the school to continue her education in Moscow, in the V.I. Surikov Art Institute.
The years of study in Moscow were full of new impressions. Maral was working hard on the plastic expressiveness of drawing, trying to achieve completeness of compositions.After graduating from the Institute in 1940 as a certified graphic artist, Maral Rahmanzade was employed by a publishing house of fictional works in Moscow. In 1941 she returned to Baku. Maral Rahmanzade’s creative path, full of interesting and significant events, important discoveries and new interpretations of eternal topics is characterized by a striking originality, surprising emotion and comprehensive reflection of her nature – internally free, exalted and spiritual.
In 1964, Maral Rahmanzade was awarded the title of “People’s Artist of Azerbaijan SSR”. She was a laureate of the state award as well as the winner of the national award The Order of “Shohret”. For Maral Rahmanzade the creative process itself was fundamental. She devoted herself to art and until the end of her life was true to her spiritual and aesthetic ideals.
Maral Rahmanzade died on March 18, 2008 and was buried in Baku.