Latif Feyzullayev

Latif Feyzullayev — An outstanding artist of Azerbaijan, Honored Artist of our republic. Entered Azerbaijan State Art School named by A.Azimzadeh in 1939 and after graduating continued his education in Moscow State Art Institute named after V. İ. Surikov, at the faculty of Painting. In these years he enthusiastically learned the subtleties of fine art from his teachers - Mocalski and Grabar Pokarjevski. He took part at the republic exhibitions with his historical works of “Outlaw Nabi” and ".. Mammad".



The artist created a number of works in patriotic spirit and had been known as the author of the propaganda and agitation posters at military units during the years of Great Patriotic War. He was also a teacher at Azerbaijan State Art School, named after A.Azimzadeh. Latif Feyzullayev returned to Moscow to continue his education in 1944. He married to Vajiha Samadova in the same year. After graduating successfully in 1949 he came back to Baku. The main theme of the artist, were the people who set up in the post-war years was – the heroes of the war, agricultural workers, labor workers. With the beginning of exploitation of the legendary  Oil Rocks in 50s Latif Feyzullayev started romantic series of  works dedicated  to the Caspian oil workers. “Time” (1951), “Windy Day” (1957), “Before the Flood” (1959), “Fountain” (1962) are the works from these series. Unique and special nature of Absheron encouraged the artist to create some original series of scenes gone beyond from the classical landscape genre characterized by strong contrasts and bright colors. “Spring in Absheron”, “Wells”, “Summer”, “Absheron sands”, “Rocks”, “Absheron gardens” are the examples of these kind of works. Talented artist is known as the author of very interesting portraits such like “The portrait of  artist Vaciha Samadova” , “Oilman Gulbala Aliyev”, “Fatima”, “Old man”, “The guest of Absheron” and “The strong”. Latif Feyzullayev’s creative business trip to Bulgaria in 60s passed very productive. The artist reported to artlovers about this country by an interesting exhibition. Latif Feyzullayev considered one of the unique representatives of Absheron school of painting , trained generation of a great artist’s during his educational activities and many of his compositions adorn museums and exhibitions, cause interest of a large audience.