Khalida Safarova


In different years of her creative activity, the paintings by Kh.Safarova were exhibited in Russia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Algeria, Turkey, Israel and other countries

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Khalida Safarova was born in Ganja in 1926. In 1941, she entered the College named after A.Azimzade in Baku.

She gained success and recognition for her early paintings – landscapes and still works – exhibited at the first personal exhibition in 1947.

Khalida Safarova continued professional education at the art faculty of the All-Union state institute of cinematography at the workshop of brilliant artist and talented teacher Y.I.Pimenov. Khalida Safarova’s diploma work – the illustrations to the poem by Nizami Ganjavi ‘Khosraw and Shirin’ – was among the best works by the graduates presented at the exhibition of the USSR Arts Academy and exhibited in Prague and Paris during the celebration of VGIK anniversary in 1956.

Khalida Safarova’s works are different for thematic interests and plastic embodiment but similar for their positive, life-asserting, bright start. Each period in Khalida Safarova’s creative activity opens discovers a completely new side of this painter: we see her as a fine lyric with a delicate perception of the beauty of nature and a thoughtful portraitist who is able to feature an image of a model and fill it with the vital truth in a vivid and lively manner. Her thematic pictures about sports stand out with their unexpected and interesting composition which she always feels well. Her art works and graphics illustrating the poems by Nizami Ganjavi, as well as her compositions dedicated to the native land are filled with national motives. Her art works and graphics about France, which are impressionist in their spirit and plastic solution, are among the best series painted by Khalida Safarova.

Compositions ‘The Cyclist’, ‘The Token’, ‘The Yacht-Club’, portraits of L.Velikova and M.Rahmanzade, the portrait of Mahmud Tagiyev, ‘My native land’, ‘The sunny land’, ‘Montmartre’s flowers’, ‘Mistral’ and many others are considered the landmark works of the painter. Her works in any genre radiate light, kindness and love. Khalida Safarova left a great heritage and will always be remembered by the lovers of her art as an always young and talented, life-loving and bright woman with a sharp and inquisitive mind, a sensitive and poetic soul, part of which lives in her pictures.

She died in Baku on 23 December 2005.