Jamil Huseynov

Jamil Huseynov was born on Dec 24, 1987 in Baku. Upon graduating the Azerbaijan Western University in 2009 with a degree on interior designer, Jamil chooses to pursue his art education and set off for study in Florence, Italy, where he studied from 2010 to 2013 at the Charles H. Cecil Studio of. And namely here he starts deeply study the art and apperceive the secrets of the old masters of the brush.

While being inspired by the works of Van Dyke, Rubens, Velázquez, Rembrandt, Titian and Caravaggio the young artist does not imitate their painting manner. He creates his own style as if he adds the airy touches of the Great Masters to his works.

Over the years of study in Florence Jamil created a gallery of portraits. Each of these portraits is a unique but they are all united by the emotions, look and a mood the author accurately conveys. The nudes in his works are surprisingly harmonious and proportional. The artist asks to have a look to the world by his direct and peremptory look. He encourages us to think and analyze, and by far attracts the attention to his works.

Still lives by Jamil are also attractive. They are realistic and traditional. Just a glance is enough to conceive the mood and even the insignificant nuances of the work.

His works are notable for traditional painting manner. He uses a rather scant palette. But while mixing colors he finds the one which is mostly cognate with a nature. The artist plays with light and shadow and this breathe life into his works. As if an invisible veil the Clair obscure covers the canvas and demonstrates all the strengths of his works.