Elmira Shakhtahtinskaya

Figuratively speaking, Elmira's paintings, travelled almost all over the world. Her paintings have been demonstrated a number of cities in the world - Moscow, Kaunas, London, Prague, Sofia, Stockholm, Budapest, Berlin, Ulan Bator, Warsaw, Damascus, Paris, Rome, Cairo, Tokyo, Helsinki and others.

The National artist of Azerbaijan – Elmira  Shakhtahtinskaya was born on 25th of October in Baku. She was fond of our national art from her childhood. She was surrounded by the beautiful patterns of decorative and applied art in their home.

After graduating Fine art faculty of Azerbaijan Art school named after  A.Azimzadeh in 1950, Elmira  Shakhtahtinskaya entered Moscow State Art Institute  named after V.I.Surikov in 1956.

Finishing her education in Moscow, Elmira khanim came back to Baku and started active creative work.  During 40 years she worked tirelessly creative and created more than 100 posters dedicated to different topics. At her series of portrets named “Azerbaijan is an ancient land of civilization” draw in 70s, she created portrets’ gallery of scientists, literary and art figures of middle ages  and during 80s she created portrets’ gallery of her contemporaries. Elmira khanim worked at a number of responsible positions. She was a board member of Union of Artists of Azerbaijan and USSR, art editor of “Azerneshr” (Azeredition), chief artist of the State Comitee on Publishing and Poligraphy, also a commission member of “Poster” publishing house in the South Caucasus.  After searching for long years E.Shakhtahtinskaya found the subject of her art. This was the series of works named “Azerbaijan is land of an ancient civilization”.


Shahtakhtinskaya Elmira worked until the last days of her life and made plans on creative work. She passed away on October 15, 1996.