Assim Rasuloglu

Artworks of Assim Rasuloglu keep in many famous museums and galleries and in private collections:
1. Tretijakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2. Eastren Countries Museum, Moscow, Russia.
3. “Alexandr” Gallery, Paris, France.
4. “Okun Ozan” Art Gallery, Antalya, Turkey.
5. State Fine Art Museum of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan.
6. Library “Martin Luter King”, New York, USA.
7. “Ilayda” Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey.
8. Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
9. Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.

Assim Rasuloglu was born in 1955 in Sheki city, Azerbaijan.
From his childhood Assim Rasuloglu paid great attention to fine art.
From 1971– till 1975 he studied in Baku Art College named after Azim Azim-zade.
His student years passed in Belorussiya State Theatre-Arts Institute at the department of Monumental Paintings.
Now he lives and works in Antalya, Turkey. He is a lecturer in Antaliya University.

Solo exhibitions:

1991 “Alexandr” Gallery, Paris, France.
1996 “Orkun Ozan” Art GAllery, Antalya, Turkey.
1996 Baku, Azerbaijan.
1997 “Ilayda” Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey.
1998 “Orkun Ozan” Art GAllery, Antalya, Turkey.
1998 “Guide du Sablon” Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
2001 Kuntudstilling i Johannesgarden, Arhus, Germany.
2004 “Nefertiti” Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey.
2005 “Orkun Ozan” Art GAllery, Antalya, Turkey.
2013 QGallery, Baku, Azerbaijan

Assim Rasuloglu has a great experience in the group exhibitions:
1987 Soviet-Japanese Exhibition of Modern Arts – Tokyo – (gold medal)
1988 International Exhibition of Young artists, Central Exhibition Hall (Manej), Moskow, Russia (silver medal).
1992 USA-USSR Exhibition of Modern Art, New York, USA.
1993 International Exhibition of Danish and Soviet artists “7+7”, Odens, Denmark.
1994 International exhibition of Germany and Soviet artists, Cologne, Germany.
2000 Group exhibition, Kolding Kunstforening, Denmark.
2006 Group exhibition, Ehrenhalle des Rathouses, Nurnberg, Germany.
2007 Group exhibition, Gallery of contemporary Art, Norvay.