Aga Mehdiyev

Aga Mehdiyev was born in 1920 in Lagij, Azerbaijan. In 1938 graduated from the Azerbaijani state art school of A.Azimzada. Since 1939 actively participated at republic and international exhibitions. The artist was awarded ranks of the National artist of Azerbaijan. Was the member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan. He was known for the laconic, decorative landscapes representing a peculiar beauty of Apsheron, poetical and psychological portraits, and also genre paintings in which the artist addresses to subjects of national holidays, national sports. Paintings of the artist with success were shown in Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Japan. The artist made a worthy contribution to development of the Azerbaijani fine arts. Died in 2003 in Baku.

Aga Mehdiyev was a painter who made a valuable contribution into development of Azerbaijani art of painting. He painted women, lyrical, emotional, landscapes, conveying delicately the state of nature, genre canvases that also convey the historical and revolutionary theme.

Paintings dedicated to the ancient mountainous city Lagich, the birthday of A.Mehdiyev, famous for its traditions of decorative and applied art occupy special place in painter’s creative activity. The painter got his inspiration from his love for homeland and its noble people which he carried throughout his life.

In his early paintings (after 1938) in most of his genre compositions – ‘Admission to Komsomol’, ‘Katir Mammad’s division’, ‘A literate family’ and others –  the painter displays interest in the history of his people, their life in the past and present. His historical and revolutionary paintings are based on the deep study of sources, genre scenes are inspired from life and landscapes from visual observations.

The creative activity of the painter was strongly influenced by his trip to Turkey. The growing mastership of the painter is evident in his works cycle ‘Along Turkey’ (1962). His paintings stand out for the poetic sentiment of compositions, skillful conveyance of light and air in an architectural landscape.

By the 1970s color starts to dominate on the painter’s canvases. Rich and active and dense, combined with the exact contours of the painting, it gives material weight and importance to plastic images. Mehdiyev’s landscapes become more specific and laconic. At that period, the painter worked much on landscapes. His portraits become deeper, more generalized and lyrical. Genre art still occupies a great place in his activity. He seeks to convey the national peculiarities of people’s life – popular festivities, national sports- ‘Gulesh fight’, ‘Rope-walker’, ‘National holiday’.  Still life also occupied a noticeable place in the painter’s creative activity. Traditional paintings differed for unexpected color contrasts.