“Colors of Life” solo show by Rashad Jabarov

OPENING | Thursday Nov 7, 7 – 9pm

EXHIBITION | Nov 8 – Nov 17, 2019

On 7th November QGallery opens its doors to the fascinating collection of original paintings by Rashad Jabarov. This exhibition presents more than thirty works by the artist.

These recent works show Rashad’s progression as a painter and a new maturity; the artist boldly depicts vast skies and changing light with confident, broad brushstrokes in a sheer celebration of color.

In the exhibition ‘Colors of Life’, Rashad Jabarov draws a straight line between art and the claim for it: he creates a new category of “delicacy”, challenge the sensitivity of the senses, and leave exciting thoughts in the viewer’s mind.

Rashad Jabarov’s paintings capture fleeting moments of a life on portraits, landscapes and unknown places are all seen through Rashad’s eyes.

While exhibiting in numerous galleries worldwide, Rashad Jabarov is considered to be one of Azerbaijan’s most successful and prolific artists. His works are housed in museums, galleries, and private collections in Azerbaijan and in different countries all over the world. Besides, being Head of the Painting and Drawing Department Rashad Jabarov teaches students at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts.

Rashad’s art not only inspires and instills awe in his audience, but unifies viewers through his messages of hope and love by celebrating life in colors.

The exhibition runs until November 17, 2019