Photo Contest by Ateshgah Insurance Group

Globalized, economically and technologically developed world today is in need of strengthening its “Weak” point – environmental protection and improving the environment.
People coming to the world healthy formation of personality and pure mind the growth of the next generation
in fact is due to the offended enviroment by us.
However, nobody can doubt that. We are worried. Therefore, we want the publicity to pay attention to this problem.
That is why we announced  a photo contest under the slogan “Lets  love, protect, make sure to live”    Subject: the different aspects of the relationship between man and nature, the development of economic areas and their interaction with the environment relationship. A number of influential public figures are in the jury.   It is not the end of our job. Those photos included to the contest will be used in advertising and promotional products of  Ateshgah Insurance Group. I am grateful to Azerbaijan Photographers Union and “QGALLERY” art gallery for supporting us in organization of this event. I am grateful to all the participants who expressed interest in sending photos to contest.

Ruslan Aliyev

President of the ATESHGAH Insurance Group