“Neighbourhood” Exhibition in Galerie Berlin-Baku

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“Neighbourhood” Exhibition in Galerie Berlin-Baku

Opening days and hours:

23 Mar 2014 – 17 Apr 2014 Tue-Sat 13:00-18:00


“Neighbourhood” Exhibition was opened on Novruz Holiday in Galerie Berlin-Baku. This Exhibition presents the works of the artists from Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  Artists representing these countries , explore pressing issues by the modern language of contemporary art – figurative and expressive . They talk about  problems of society , planetary-scale problems for which is answering all of humanity. Each of these artists is interesting in its own way , but they are united by  desire to show the way of salvation of people through the love of the world and to each other , and the ability to listen and hear , desire to become a part of the whole .

 The Special attention deserves the artwork “Listen to the silence of the lost sea”

This work is a form of farewell, a journey through soul and memory dealing with the home country of the artist.

The questions around the subject „farewell” have inspired the artists to make a research on the death of the Aral Sea.

The lake, which has left its place to the salt desert. The towns around it, once filled with life are now swallowed by the dust, empty and quiet. For the few people, who still live there, farewell has become routine in their daily lives.

Their life style and traditional dressing served the artist as a metaphor to find the right vehicle for shape, surface and structure of the figures. It was important to her that the materials merge with the dry salty sea bed.

Basically it does not take much to say goodbye: it takes time to stand still for a few moments. It needs silence in the view of the artist.

Intention: The circle of figures is going into this relationship of people between each other and with each other, tracing the silence.

The sculpture is actually interactive. The empty place invites viewers to join the circle and just feel.


Exhibition was presented by the following artists:

Sayyora Muin (Muinova), born 1977 in Tashkent / Uzbekistan, lives & works since 2003 in Berlin. Her artistic path began with an education as a costume designer and followed by studies in book illustration in Tashkent. She continued her studies at the UdK Berlin in 2003 and was in 2010/2011 a master student of Prof.  Florence von Gerkan for stage costumes. In addition to several exhibitions in Germany and Uzbekistan she also worked as a costume designer in many flm and theater projects in both countries. Her great passion as a costume designer is refected in her art. Both her drawings as well as her photographs and object art are shaped by this passion.

Zebo Nasirova, born 1953 in Dushanbe / Tajikistan, lives and works for decades in Tashkent. After studying painting in Tajikistan, she went to Uzbekistan to study stage design at the
University of Art and Theatre. She was also in the master class at the All-Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow. Zebo Nasirova is one of the most renowned costume designers of Uzbekistan, who has participated in numerous international flm productions. Since 1979 she is participating in national and international exhibitions such as in Russia, Uzbekistan and Algeria. In Germany her pictures can be seen for the frst time.

Islam Hasanalizade, born 1988 in Baku, graduated from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Art. He is one of the new young artists of Azerbaijan. Being the winner of the competition “Americathrough my eyes” in Baku indicates a promising future. He had already quite many exhibitions, mostly in Azerbaijan, but also in Georgia and Russia. He also exhibites for the frst time in Germany.