Latvian Contemporary Art: Glass, Textile, Ceramics

LATVIAN CONTEMPORARY ART: GLASS, TEXTILE, CERAMICS exhibition will take place on November 20 in “QGallery” Art Gallery. Exhibition covers the contemporary decorated and applied arts of Latvia sources of which go back to the beginning of the 20th century, however its traditions roots in the in the remote past.

The Latvian artists in their works present technical achievements of the present in the field of the applied art as well as continue spiritual communication with the most ancient civilizations, reflecting the perpetual vital values.

Professional development of the Latvian decorated and applied arts and crafts is connected with the activity of the Latvian Academy of Arts which is a smithy of artists in various kinds of applied art.

For example, the Latvian Academy of arts Ceramics departament was established 89 Years ago. Ceramics Departments teaching and creative work is conected with creativity in themes, ideas and tehnology development.Each year 5 Bachelor students and 4 Masters of fine arts graduate Ceramics Department. After graduation  ex – students actively participate in Exchibitions in Latvia and International area.They establish minor Design Studios and start to work as art teachers in schools.

At the beginning of 60-ties Department of Textile was established at the Art Academy of Latvia and gradually more and creative personalities wanted to express themselves into that interesting branch of art being the inexhaustible source of topics and inspiration.  At the same time the Specialty of Glass Art was established in the Department of Applied Art of Art Academy of Latvia. Hence was promoted the education of glass artists, this fact substantially increased incoming of young glass artists into the industry and art life of Latvia. Unlike the previous periods in culture of Latvia, when the important task was production of applicable glass articles, that was accomplished industrially, at present the creative fantasy of artists finds its expression in attractively performed environmental objects and exhibition works.

Exhibition is meant as a wide review of development of decorated and applied arts of Latvia on an example of creativity of different artists, each of which is unique personality with individual point of view on the world, everyone has its own inspiration channels, and everyone has its own range of creating. But there is something important and significant that unites all of them. And namely – is a cognition that man belongs to nature and universe, accordance between substance and spirit, functional and symbolical, ethnic and human – these are values of art and world outlook which Latvian artists have made topical and through their works these values go to spectators in Latvia and in the whole world.