“Crossing” Solo Exhibition by Butunay Hagverdiyev

QGallery, Qulle str.6 AZ1004 Tel: +99412 4927481

April, 18 – 30


QGallery presents “Crossing” Exhibition by young talented artist Butunay Hagverdiyev.


Attentive observation of the works of Butunay reveals a reference to the Renaissance. The artist populates his space with motifs drawn from his inner world which interact with the surroundings. Whether drawing or painting in oils, he proceeds from a definite social theme and purpose, using various techniques and materials to impress his own personal component on the surroundings. Butunay brings a material world onto the field of a canvas. Expressing it through perfect abstract lines, he substantiates it while creating new forms.

Butunay’s emotional experiences which emerge clearly in his canvases were garnered in Baku and Moscow, two constantly changing capital cities which played a vital role in his formation. He focuses on the architecture, the building techniques, trains and metro stations. Proceeding from the idea that a person lives not in a country, but in visual space, Butunay uses crossed lines to express a basic unit of art comprehension.

Butunay experiments with both mechanical objects and human forms. He turns abruptly from modern techniques and materials to engraving, where once again the human form is revealed through the crossed lines.

These crossed lines are the original threads, the stitches connecting the real and unreal, material and figurative worlds, connecting places, events and periods of history. The chaos of the material world overflowing with people is filled with lines transforming the physical space into a graphic one. With these lines the artist fills up the space occupied by subjects and people.

In many respects, Butunay espouses conservative views towards art and a passion for ancient art forms. In his art he draws from the global heritage of the fine arts and synthesizes it with a contemporary view.