“BAX BELƏ” Solo Show by AIDAN

Bax belə or This is it – a young and talented artist Aydan Buniyatova called her first solo exhibition.

She suggests to look at the world with her daring, sometimes impudent and peremptory, sometimes thoughtful and penetrating glance that definitely compels attention. Portraits, mostly of the people surrounding her, comprise the main theme of her atrworks. However, she fights shy of calling herself a portraitist. The works rather reflect her impulsive nature and irrepressible temperament than verges of destinies and natures of contemporaries. A secret of pulsating expression of the artist’s works is a blend of color, light and texture. Through small sure strokes, that sculpts broad generalized surfaces in an easy and free way, Aydan manages to not only reveal a form convincingly, by impressively handling the composition of portrait essay, but at the same time convey external characteristics of different people in a keen sense as well. She is daring and intractable when it comes to select the bright colours, pop-art deliberateness and photography nature, and she is uncorcerned of issue to disclose psychological subtleties and nuances of her models, she rather initiates a mission to clearly catch the signs of her time by sharing the signs of street art, mass-media culture that promotes personal aesthetic norms, of which part Aydan herself is.

Aydan was born on June 22, 1993 in Baku. Studied at Secondary General School No. 134. Studied drawing at the Gymnasium of Arts. In 2013 graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration of Khazar University. The same year she entered the prestigious London University of Arts, which graduated from in 2015 with honours and received certificates for 12 major disciplines. At present she lives in Baku and works at Emin Gahramanov’s studio – EmArt.

Bax belə exhibition will be opened at the QGallery (Giz Galasi) Art Gallery on April, 23 and run till April, 26.