Elena Hagverdiyeva: Жду Вас у фонтана…

QGallery announces the opening of Elena Hagverdiyeva’s solo exhibition, entitled ‘Жду Вас у фонтана (I’ll Meet You Near the Fountain), on November 17, 2017Thirty works by the artist will be exhibited.

The exhibition title, with its allusion to innocence, sets the tone. One can feel the bright sunny day, the freshness of the air, and the spray of crystal-clear water from the fountain.

Elena Hagverdiyeva is a renowned artist who has exhibited her works in France, Austria, Georgia, Russia, and Kazakhstan.  Her works are housed in museums, galleries, and private collections in Azerbaijan and in different countries all over the world.

Her paintings’ unusual aesthetics bewitch and immerse us in a world of charming beauty and grace. Fantastic dreamlike images of mysterious beauties dressed in refined dresses emerge from a garden of paradise, or from magnificent eastern interiors covered with colorful carpets and varied fabrics decorated with elaborate ornaments. Their unusual headdresses, which continue the exotic scenery, decorate their heads; these beauties are smooth and languid in their movements, and their ephemeral beauty enchants us. Hagverdiyeva’s Charming Women are surreal, a fancy of the artist, phantoms either from the past or from the future. Elena’s surprising symbiosis of Eastern and European aesthetics derives from her experiences in the different cultures that formed her creative personality. The artist’s refined palette is decorative. The glitter of gold and the paints poured as if they were jewels strengthen the sensation of unreality within the captivating world of Elena Hagverdiyeva.

The exhibition runs until November 24, 2017