‘Azerbaijan Carpets Motifs’ Solo Exhibition by Gama Malikova

18-22 Sep. GamEl. Azerbaijan Carpets Motifs

Gama (Hamida) Malikova (GamEl) is a name and a brand that, for ten years, has become well known to connoisseurs of art in Azerbaijan. The artist successfully exhibits in Baku, Moscow, and Paris. Her creativity requires constant movement, growth, and transformation, encouraging her toward new experiences, relevant topics, and ways of expression.

After getting a medical degree, Gama at once realized that in order to feel happy and taste success and recognition, she had to find herself, and devote her energy to her favorite activity. Gama is highly inspired by her husband Elchin Azizov and son Jamil. Hence the name of her brand – “GamEl.“

For Gama Malikova, creativity is not only self-awareness, but a way of life. Being light on her feet, and not afraid of changes and challenges, she decided to devote herself to art and to give free rein to an imagination that naturally enters the world of beauty. Her paintings, installations, and collages are executed in various techniques, both traditional and quite exotic. They depict a wide range of subjects with a cheerful palette that always carry a positive impulse, energy, and warmth.

For the past several years, Gama has alluded to Azerbaijani carpets while combining traditional ornamental motifs with elements of still life. The artist presents to the public the whole series derived from her separate experiments at her solo exhibition at the QGallery from September 18th to September 22nd. Her combination of the traditions of decorative art and classic European genres of visual art dovetails naturally with her system of values. In Melikova’s works the East finds a harmonious unity with the West, and her art blurs real and imaginary borders. Gama Melikova conjures up the beauty of Azerbaijani carpets, with their rich color and ornamental decoration, not only in her paintings and installations (the exhibition will present 25 works), but also in silk scarves, which can be an exquisite accent to the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Diligence, an innate aesthetic sense, irrepressible imagination, self-belief and, most importantly, a love for life reinforce the artist’s innate talent, once again assuring that fate is at one’s mercy, and that faith, hope, and love guarantee success.