Our History

The Qiz Qalasi Gallery was founded on 19 of March, 1999. People’s artist of Azerbaijan, professor Salkhab Mammadov opened the gallery in the premises which he had used as a workshop for many years and which located in the very center of Baku, at the foot of the Maiden Tower. The gallery is headed by his son, honorary art figure Emin Mammadov.

Initially, the aim of opening the gallery was Salkhab Mammadov’s strife to support his colleagues in the hard post-Soviet years. By opening one of the first private galleries in Azerbaijan, Salkhab Mammadov practically gave an opportunity for artistic experiments of many currently famous and the then beginner talented artists, sculptors and photographers. “Few, except for the Ministry of Culture and Artists’ Union were dealing with popularization of Azerbaijani art at that time”, Mammadov said. “The artists worked in isolation, rarely exhibiting while some were in need of material aid. In short, our artists were left face-to-face with their problems”.

In the years of its activity, the Qiz Qalasi gallery turned into a real center of art becoming an inseparable part of the country’s cultural life. The gallery carries a number of important functions including representative, collective, commercial and expert ones. Enlightenment, the strife to familiarize the viewers with the fine arts of Azerbaijan of different periods are the priority direction of its activity. Along with the paintings of classics and nonconformists of the Soviet epoch, the gallery exhibits the actual art represented by the works of a definite group  of artists.

Curator projects on development of actual art of Azerbaijan, as well as preparation of paintings by the artists with whom the gallery has been cooperating for many years constitute the strategic direction in the activity of the gallery. Among these artists are Altai Sadiqzadeh, Museib Amirov, Ali Ibadullayev, Eliyar Alimirzoyev, Shamo Abasov.

By supporting actual directions of contemporary art and identifying a vector of its development, the gallery seeks to familiarize the viewers with the art of our country, develop an artistic taste and form the art market of the contemporary art of Azerbaijan, which is important for the activity of the gallery.

The Berlin-Baku gallery opened in Berlin on the initiative of Emin Mammadov and Salkhab Mammadov in 2007. The main goal of the gallery is to familiarize the German viewers with the art, culture and history of Azerbaijan. Over 50 Azerbaijani artists of different generations from classics to beginner painters and students have exhibited throughout the years of the gallery functioning.

Organization of joint exhibition featuring the creative art of both Azerbaijani and European masters forms an important direction in the activity of the gallery. The works by artists from Germany, Japan, France, Poland, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Georgia and many other countries are demonstrated at the gallery.

Today both galleries play an important role in the artistic and cultural life of the society and are the centers of culture which broadly feature the art of the present-day Azerbaijan.

Our projects

Q Gallery in Baku and Berlin-Baku in Berlin successfully implement numerous exhibitions, curator projects, contests among students and take part in the organization of international festivals, biennials, etc.

55th Venice Biennial – 1 June – 26 November 2013, Venice

Azerbaijani Pavilion

The International art festival ‘From Waste to Art’, Gala village of Baku

14-20 June 2013

International Art Festival ‘Maiden Tower’

26-29 May 2010, 29 June-1 July 2011, 17-19 May 2012, 4-20 July 2013

Fly to Baku international travelling  exhibition

17-29 January 2012 Phillips de Pury & Company, London, Great Britain
12-21 April 2012 Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, Paris, France
3-17 November 2012 me Collectors Room, Berlin, Germany
5-24 February 2013 Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
6-26 March 2013 Spazio D – Maxxi building National Museum of XXI Century arts, Rome, Italy
13-26 May 2013 Neue Burg,  Vienna, Austria

28 December 2013 – 1 March 2014  – Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

Our services

  1. Obtaining export certificates for artworks purchased in the gallery.
  2. Artworks’ packing suitable for any type of transportation and features of works (material, shape, style, fragility etc.).
  3. Dispatching of paintings and sculptures all over the world by post, or courier.

about1«Maiden Tower» aims to popularize on a global scale the most ancient, mysterious and universally valued monument of Azer­ baijan -the Maiden Tower. This monument, located within the territory of lcherisheher (the Old Walled City of Baku) is the symbol of the Land of Fire, and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As well as being a pearl of Azerbaijani architecture and one of the legacies of the ancient history and rich traditions of the nation, the Maiden Tower also represents a significant contribution to the enrichment of the international historical heritage and intercultural dialogue.

Launched in 2010, the International Art Festival “Maiden Tower” has been successfully held in the capital of Azerbaijan for three consecutive years and once in Cannes, France. Over seventy renowned artists from various countries of the world have already participated in the last four festivals. By decorating models of the Maiden Tower in their own national styles, artists created works reflecting the synthesis and mutual exchange of different cultures and traditions. Since 2012, along with the main objective- promotion of the Maiden Tower- the organizers have decided to draw public attention to the issue of environmental protection.

about2In addition to do promotion of Maiden Tower, organizers of festival also want to encourage people’s attention on environ­ mental issues. By 2012 holding a parallel event that will involve painting sculptures of a gazelle- one of the Caucasian endan­ gered species. The action aims to raise awareness of the endangered existence of key Caucasian species. Leyla Aliyeva, the Vice-President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation the Founder and chairwoman of IDEA International Dialogue for Environmental Action) Public Union has identified the “Caucasian Big Five” -five animals that are under the threat of extinction -brown bear, imperial eagle, grey wolf, gazelle and Caucasian leopard. Among these animals, the gazelle has been chosen as the main symbol of the festival. The gazelle has been chosen as representative of these animals at the festival. Each completed sculpture will showcase the distinctive painting style and decoration of the individual artist. Gazelles are among the rarest and fastest species in the Caucasus.about3

This year as parallel action within the festival it is planned to held 3D street art painting in the center of Maiden Tower square. Within 3-dimensional optical illusion from certain perspective it would be possible to find oneself on the top of Maiden Tower and have a breathtaking, realistic and beautiful view of Old City. An exhibition consisting of the unique works of these artists will be held in lcheris­ heher for residents of Baku and visitors and also will be exhibited in various countries around the world and will serve both to promote the Maiden Tower as a part of the world heritage and also to underline the principal aim of the festival which is to focus public attention on the problems associated with wildlife protection. İn addition to do promotion of Maiden Tower, organizers of festival also want to encourage people’s attention on environ­ mental issues. By 2012 holding a parallel event that will involve painting sculptures of a gazelle- one of the Caucasian endan­ gered species.